Banshee by cheeseboy18193 ApperanceEdit

Complety Robed, with a hood.

He has no eyes, nose, ears, or hair. He has a slit like mouth when not Wailing or using Gibbrish whispers. But when Wailing his mouth strectchs to almost cover his entire face like in the picture. When whispering it moves only slightly.


Draning Touch: Can drain living things of their life force

Banshee`s Wail: his wail causes all things running in fear and those that feel no fear are stunned by the loud noise this Banshee causes.

Horrific Appearance: His apperance scares mortals to death.

Malevolence: allows Vermaak to possese bodies both living and dead.

Manifestaion: Every Ghost has this ability. A ghost dwells on the Ethereal plane and as an ethereal creature it cannont affect or be affected by anything in the material world. When a ghost manifests it partly enters the material plane and becomes visible but incorporeal on the material plane.

Telekinesis: allows Vermmak to move things (People, creatures, demons, ETC) with his "mind" he can provide a gentle, sustainded force, perform a variety of combat maneuvers, or extert a singel short violent thrust.

Cursed Wail: Any that hear Vermaak`s wail will be forever cursed with death, not of the cursed but of those around them.

Spawn Creation: Anyone that dies while cursed or by the Banshee`s wail will become a ghost on the stroke of next midnight. These ghosts are complety under Vermaak`s Control. Gibberish Whispers: Vermaak can whisper in peoples ears and tell them horrible things no living thing should know causing them to go insane.


Nothing is known of his personality because anyone that comes near him is always killed or possesed.