Velgethor is a Duke in Hell in the Diabolical court of Mephistopheles in Cania. Despite this Velkgethor often leaves his master's chilling realm in order to fight the Blood War, and beseige other realms. Another thing that most of his Devil peers do not know about him is that he is in fact an Angel. Before becoming the respectable Diabolical gentleman that he is he was cast from the upper planes due to the machinations of Vecna. He is one of four Angels that were exiled because of Vecna's plot. This also makes him a member of the Branded Triad, the three Angel's that embraced evil and became Fiends.


Velgethor appears as a handsome, clean shaven, well groomed young man with grey skin. He has scarlet red hair which he wears short. He has two red horns, and his eyes glow red as well. He has the characteristic pointed tail of a devil. However his most striking feature is his two black angel wings. These are a remnant from his time as an Angel, and their color is a reminder of what he once lost.

Whne in battle Velgethor wears form fitting, dark grey armor. However he never wears a helmet. This is because he is confident in his abilities, and he wants his foes to know the face of the one that kills them. Outside of battle Velgethor prefers to wear the garb of a Victorian gentlemen, top hat included.


Velgethor is a gentelman.