Uranium Dragon

A Uranium Dragon.

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Uranium Dragons were a race of metallic dragon that dwelt in the bedrock between the overworld and the underdark, as well as in the bedrock within and below the underdark. Uranium Dragons were chaotic neutral aligned.

Physical Edit

They were quite large, larger than silver dragons. They had green eyes and grey scales with a hue similar to uranium. Their scales did indeed accumulate large amounts of uranium from their environment.

Combat Edit

Uranium Dragons could focus their magical power through their Uranium rich blood and scales, creating intense radiation that could harm enemies and kill at close range. Their breath weapon was a line of fire and radioactive material such as uranium and radon.

Personality Edit

Uranium Dragons cared little for affairs outside their bedrock habitat. So long as they had a sizable hoard of treasure (usually gems and rare earth metals), Uranium Dragons were content and rarely ventured from their lairs (which consisted of chambers carved in the bedrock. Some even locked themselves inside their lairs. They were very protective of themselves and their hoards. Uranium Dragons could, however, become active and even serve a cause should they be faced with a convincing argument.

Lifecycle Edit

Uranium Dragons were incredibly long lived. Uranium Dragons bore clutches of up to 9 eggs, incubated in the bedrocks in a radon rich atmosphere. Most hatched successfully. The dragons remained wyrmlings for up to 20 years before becoming juvenile, and becoming an adult at about 200 years. They became elders at around 1200 years of age, wyrms at 1800 and great wyrms at 2400. They usually passed away at before 3000 years of life.