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Tsavos are terrible lion-people that live in savannahs and plains. They are currently at war with the Gnolls.


These creatures resemble tawny-furred humans, but with the heads of lions. As with their natural cousins, only males have manes.

Tsavos rarely wear clothing.



Tsavo culture revolves around hunting and the protection of their family group, called a pride. Males head the pride and defend it from enemies, and the females hunt.


Tsavos speak a growling language, although they can understand other race's languages.


The origin of the Tsavos is highly debated; some believe that they are the result of demonic interference, whilst others believe that they were created by an unholy union between a woman and a lion, or a man and a lioness.

Relations with other SpeciesEdit

Tsavos have been at war with the Gnolls for centuries, and no one is quite sure why. Tsavos generally have peaceful relations with other species such as humans and dwarves.