Trixie Lusion is a female human rogue from Necross who lived a life as a criminal. She was wanted and the reward for her was 5000 pounds of gold coins. After being caught by a former partner, Trixie spends three years in Criwall Prison and resolves. She was broken out by the wizard Lucinda MacRede in hopes of finding the Valley of Mages. Following this event, Trixie allies herself with Aerashey to fight Necross, going under the codename "Pyrogan". After playing a crucial part in stopping the war, Trixie lives her life as a mercenary for Aerashey. She is the rival of Vulwin Roaq.


Trixie is a tall, slim woman. She has cropped, curly black hair and silver eyes. A single curly strand of hair hangs in her face. Her skin is tanned and she has a long scar across the right side of her face. After years in prison, her face and skull like but not pale.

Trixie must wear a hood and face mask to conceal her identity. She wears a black body suit with black boots and a silver breastplates. Outside of battle she wears a long, high collared, black over coat. Little of her skin is shown, making her look like a man. Her rapier hangs from a sheath tied to her belt. She also has two daggers held in holstrs on either thigh.


Trixie is very calm and collected. She doesnt show her emotions and doesn't smile much. She is ready to redeem her previous actions against Aerashey. She is not an opponent to be underestimated; she is very elusive, sneaky, and acrobatic. Attributing to her name, she is very tricky and hard to outsmart.

During her time with Necross, Trixie seems to question the way Necross did things, namely dealing with weaklings and the way friendly bonds work. She does not share the sadistic traits that occur in the rest of Necross, nor does she agree with the method of humiliating the weaklings.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit