Thedas is a continent in the southern Hemisphere.


Dividing the Empire from the Kingdom of Palonan to the east is the Malistan Wall, a mountain range made impassible from some ancient event. To the south holds the Whispering Fields, a vast stretch of barren deserts reaching all the way down south where the Orc bands can be found. To the far north-west are the forbidding forests and swamps where the Elves and Lizardfolk reside. To the north of these wilds, just above the Malistan Wall lies the Frostfall Mountains where the Dwarven kin live. The central region of Thedas contains vast lakes and the Bannorn; the central lowland region in Thedas. It forms the backbone of Thedas in terms of both agriculture and population. The central region is also home to the Royal Tower of Grand Sorcery.