Plutonium Dragon

A Plutonium Dragon guarding an ancient artifact.

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Plutonium Dragons were a rare species of metallic dragon that dwelt in the bedrock between the overworld and the underdark, as well as in any area rich in bedrock and radon gas. They shared many qualities with Uranium Dragons, but they were larger and more aggressive. They were also less long lived. They were rarer than Uranium Dragons, but didn't hide themselves so well.

Physical Edit

Plutonium Dragons had blue hued scales and blue eyes. Their bodies contained uranium and plutonium. They were larger and more powerful than Uranium Dragons.

Combat Edit

Plutonium Dragons, like Uranium Dragons, could project a radioactive field. They could also expel a line of incredibly powerful nuclear flame, full of radioactive substances, as well as radon.

Lifecycle Edit

Plutonium Dragons had shorter lifespans than Uranium Dragons. They hatched from clutches of 5 eggs incubated in bedrock and plutonium. They reached juvenile age at 7, adulthood at 100 years, old age at 900 years, becoming ancient at 1400 years and great wyrms by 1900 years. Most died at about 2100.