A platinum dragon atop a cliff.

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Platinum Dragons were an extremely rare yet immensely powerful species of metallic dragon. They were regarded as gods by the metallic dragons. Bahamut was the most well known member of this species.



Physical Edit

Platinum Dragons were immensely large and powerful. They were biologically immortal, and Bahamut himself existed more than 65 million years ago during the great dragon wars, where the elder dragons defeated the behemoths.

Platinum Dragons were silver in color, but this was caused not by actual silver but by the presence of platinum in their scales.

Platinum dragon

A Platinum Dragon

Powers Edit

Platinum Dragons breath weapon was a line of flame, but they could also hold the fire inside their bodies and expel heated dehydrating air instead, an ability they shared with gold dragons. The Platinum Dragons rarely used this weapon however, relying more on other magical powers which included teleportation throughout the planes, shape shifting and force wielding.