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Lord Kraken is the dark king of the Illithid race. He has the body of a strong Illithid warrior, and an Elder Brain resides within his skull.


Lord Kraken resembles most others of his kind; he is a tall humanoid with the head of a violet squid. His hands are equipped with long, lethal talons. Kraken generally dresses in black robes, with plated armor cut from dragon scales over all other clothing.


Kraken is a skilled warrior and magician, who has killed many Drow, Myconids, and even Beholders in battle. Among his favorite spells are soul-drain, which slowly saps the lifeforce of his enemies, and winter-bone, which freezes the blood of opponets, killing them almost immediately. In additon to these spells, Kraken often summons demons to aide him in combat. He has also created many golems.


Kraken has taken on a few human characteristics, such as a sense of humor. Before killing his victims he often casually jokes around with them. When angered, he becomes frightfully serious and determined, seeking only to end the person or creature that angered him.


Once, an Illithid city called Cthundos was besieged by Beholders. Cthundos had belonged to the Beholders in the elder times, and they were set upon re-taking it. Led by Argus, they breached the city's defenses and stormed the area. In desperation, one of the Elder Brains transplanted itself into the head of one of it's greatest warriors, and took over the body. He then led the Illithids to victory, in the epic Battle of Cthundos. After the victory, he killed the other Elder Brains and the Brainstealer Dragon they had tamed.

After this, he declared himself Lord Kraken and declared war on all other beings in the world. His armies conquered many other Illithid settlements, and took over a large section of the Underdark. The Drow, Myconids, and remaining Beholders have now formed a shaky alliance in order to stop Kraken.