The Imperial family, originally known as House Hallmark, was a noble Human family from Thedas. Though not as prominent or wealthy as some of the other noble families of Thedas, they were skilled manipulators and renowned tacticians. It was these two traits with which allowed them to seize control of the Empire that was still in its infancy during the end of the Magic Wars. While many of its past members are famous none are more so than Riclannan Hallmark V.

It was this man who inacted the Exalted March that decimated the Royal Tower of Grand Sorcery. Many claimants contended blood relation to the Hallmarks, and similarly, pretenders sought to legitimize their bid for the throne after the Emperor's fall at the end of the Thedas Civil War.

The House's color was dark purple, prominently featured on the family crest, which depicted a giant H encircled by orbs of gold and silver.