Baltasar Sate was a Human male who held the office of Grand Vizier within the Empire before and during the Thedas Civil War.

Personality and traitEdit

Sate was ambitious, rising to power through offers of quiet wisdom. He was ruthless and hungry for power. Despite this ambition and hungry for power, Baltasar was one of the Emperor's closest and most loyal servants.

When Sate was forced to deal with troublesome members of the Emperor's court, his preferred method was to make them simply disappear. He had a great knowledge of many subjects, from history, bureaucracy and etique and even some in the mystical field.

Baltasar was said to have a face like a hatchet and a body of a scarecrow. He had thin strands of black hair and on the verge of going bald by the civil war. He often dressed in black, as vizier he wore a jeweled cassock.