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Argus is a Beholder that led the assault on the Illithid city of Cthundos. Since losing that battle, he has been in hiding.


Argus resembles all other Beholders, but with one difference; the main eye on his forehead has been destroyed. He can now see only with his many eyestalks.


Argus has some knowledge of magic, although he much prefers his natural Beholder abilities.


Argus is angered easily, and extremely paranoid.


Argus led a Beholder assault on the Illithid city of Cthundos. He almost won the battle, but was driven back by Lord Kraken, whom he fought in person. Kraken put out his eye, and then insulted him even more by refusing to kill him. Instead, he forced him into the twisting caverns of the Underdark, where it is assumed he dwells to this day.